Tempting Treats

Tempting Treats

Beautiful paperback available on Amazon!

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Summer Heat

Summer Heat

"Bliss" by Annika Steele is set in a steamy Texas beach. Will Port Aransas turn out to be the place for love?

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Seasonal Shenanigans

Seasonal Shenanigans

On Sale for $4.99

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Melting Hearts

My new story in a yet-to-be-titled anthology is coming along nicely. Texas transplant, April Garza, meets local Pittsburgh boy, Jan Larsen. Jan’s parents live next door to April, and they might be meddling–just a little. But April and Jan get off to the wrong start over a little snow. Stay tuned for more details!


I’ve secured my website … notice the little lock to the right of the address? Squee! Also … watch the newsletter next month for information about my upcoming story in a brand new anthology! I’m so excited about this one.


It’s been fun hunting up historical notes about the area for my next book setting.  Winnowing out the little details about different peoples living in the area is interesting, especially as I focus on building a diverse cast of characters.  Did you know that in San Antonio many of the best and popular hotels in the 1800’s were run by Hispanic women?

Behind the scenes changes …

With all the issues surrounding Facebook and privacy, I’m making changes to how the Annika Steele page is hosted on FB, so there won’t be any posts there for a while. I’ll be posting here instead!

I had fun today taking pictures of historical buildings in a small town that I’m using as a stand-in for the setting of my new trilogy. I’m definitely in “research” phase, and having a little too much fun constructing the back story of the town and my characters.


Plotting out a new story is like playing in a really big, empty sandbox. I keep picking up new toys to put in the sand. I play with some of them …. and, nope, out you go. Hey–look at that. Oooooh, shiny!  Eventually, I settle on some favorites, give them names, and start dreaming up trouble for the toys to get into.

I’ve got a town, a name, a trio of siblings–each, of course, who will get their own story, and the fuzziest idea of a plot that needs a lot of fleshing out. But since I’m a character-driver writer, that means I need to get to know these new people. What do they like? What do they do after work? What’s their pet peeve? Who is their best friend? Yeah, all that stuff.

Our siblings have landed into a new situation that’s going to change their lives. (Of course.) How will they react and who will they meet along the way? There’s the story, right there.

World-building is my favorite part of writing. Once I know the setting and the characters, the story flows.

Time to get to work. I’ve got a trilogy to write.


Story Update

With the anthologies wrapped up for 2017, I’m working on a new series that will (fingers-crossed) begin publishing later this year. Stay tuned for more details as they are available!

In the meantime, enjoy Seasonal Shenanigans while it is still available Kindle!