With all the issues surrounding Facebook and privacy, I’m making changes to how the Annika Steele page is hosted on FB, so there won’t be any posts there for a while. I’ll be posting here instead!

I had fun today taking pictures of historical buildings in a small town that I’m using as a stand-in for the setting of my new trilogy. I’m definitely in “research” phase, and having a little too much fun constructing the back story of the town and my characters.

About The Author

Annika began writing in third grade: an illustrated fanfic of the Atari game “Defender.” After filling notebooks, utterly unaware that she was a writer at heart, she abandoned her stories somewhere around her third year of college, probably when the typewriter/word processor died and was replaced by the roommate’s new 386. A ridiculous number of years later, she stumbled across a fanfic site, put fingers to keyboard, and hasn’t stopped writing since.